Hillsborough - West Hillsborough

The West Hill development was platted on July 20, 1913, creating a subdivision of land west of the original 18th century town.

The "Old Homestead" sits at the center of the platted area - this was 'West Hill' or the Cadwallader Jones House; Jones owned all of the subdivided land above.

Of note, the "Farm Life School Building" at the west end of the plat was the former Hillsborough Military Academy barracks building; the notation "Farmers Alliance Property" connotes that all of the land west of the parcels on the west side of West Hill Ave. were once Hillsborough Military Academy land.

West Hillsborough had a strong interaction with the Eno and Bellvue mills, but it was not a 'mill village' in the sense of the term wherein the mills owned the property; the parcels above were purchased privately and developed individually (for the most part) although the residents often worked in the mills.

The neighborhood expanded westward in 1923, as the owners of the former military academy land began to sell off pieces of it. First was the "Oak Ridge" development.

In the above plat, I believe the street names are: Hillsboro = King, King = Barracks, Railroad=Murray, Fore=Raynor, Murray = Ruby Lane.

And then the Murray plat in 1924.

Much of the neighborhood associated with the Eno Mill has been lost - or at least dispersed. The neighborhoods south of the tracks - Front Row, New Hill, Old Hill, and Occoneechee Mountain, are no longer extant.

West Hillsborough did not become part of the Town of Hillsborough until 1976.

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