Cedar Lane

Cedar Lane came into existence when planted by Frederick Nash's wife in 1817. According to the News of Orange on 3/25/17, arborists with the county did dendrochronology on the trees in 2017 and confirmed that they were 200 years old.

Looking north from W. Margaret, 01.22.2016 (G. Kueber)

Looking south towards W. Margaret Ln., 07.02.16 (G. Kueber)

From the News of Orange 3/25/17:

"Ken Ostrand, local Hillsborough resident, contacted local owners along Cedar Lane, and David Payne and Matthew Martin readily gave their assent to the project to spruce up the Lane. And volunteers readily came forth to help. ArborCarolina and Chip Hildreth took down some of the old dead tree limbs without sacrificing the look of the old Lane, while Tree Board members George Campbell, Phil Ray and Bryan Stuart offered their expertise and energy, and Ray Tice worked as well as photographed the work. “Hopefully this planting and documentation will be useful to future generations wondering about the legacy of this unusual remnant of a bygone era,” Tice said. 

In addition to nurturing the trees and planting a few more, it is hoped to have a bicentennial celebration of the Lane next year."

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