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The Chapel Hill Insurance and Realty Company obtained the property from C. L. and Mary M. Lindsay in July 1919. At the time, the property had several wooden commercial structures but they burned in 1925.

This building was built in 1927. Its initial occupants were the Carolina Smoke Shop, a stationery store, The Tar Heel Barber Shop, Lacock's shoe shop, and the Pritchard-Patterson clothing store. Upstairs in front were the quarters of the Alpha Kappa Kappa and Phi Delta Theta fraternities, and upstairs in the rear were 12 rooms for rent to students.

Building at left, circa 1977 (via Chapel Hill Historical Society)
Right section of building, circa 1977 (via Chapel Hill Historical Society)
Building at right, circa 1977 (via Chapel Hill Historical Society)

August 2019 (via Google Streetview)


The description of the building as per the 2015 Chapel Hill Historic District Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation:

"Constructed in 1927, this two-story, painted brick commercial building is three bays wide with full-height brick pilasters dividing and flanking the bays and brick corbelling at the peaked parapet, which has an arched center panel bearing the name and date of the building and concrete coping. All three storefronts have modern aluminum-framed storefronts with covered transoms. The center bay has a flat metal canopy supported by cables while the other two storefronts feature fabric awnings and a molded cornice extends the full width of the façade over the storefronts with consoles flanking the center
bay. The center bay was originally flanked by fluted pilasters, though they now remain only at the transom level. At the second-floor level, grouped replacement windows have brick windowsills. The sidewalk in front of the building retains loading openings in the sidewalk that have been filled with glass
block. The building is twelve bays deep with the right elevation visible and the basement level accessed from an alley on that side of the building. First-floor level windows on that elevation have been bricked-in but some upper-level openings remain."
Orange County deed book 77, page 37; deed book 101, page 213; deed book 972, page 5
The Daily Tar Heel, August 25, 1927
The Daily Tar Heel, September 24, 1927
The Daily Tar Heel, October 13, 1927
The Daily Tar Heel, November 17, 1927
Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, Chapel Hill, 1915, 1925

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