Butler Strowd

Butler Strowd

Place of birth: 
Chatham County, NC
Date of birth: 
Place of death: 
Durham, NC
Date of death: 

Butler Strowd (also spelled Stroud) was born November 10, 1895 to Oscar and Sallie Strowd in Chatham County.

He married Florence Atwater September 2, 1917, in Durham. (She remarried to a Walter Jones after Butler's death.) They had one son: Walter Clarence Strowd.

In 1910 he was still living at home, working on his family's farm in Baldwin Township, Chatham County, as a farm laborer. His World War One draft card lists his employment as being a farmer, working for a Mr. Strowd/Stroud (likely his father). His 1925 death certificate lists his occupation as chauffeur.

He owned several properties in the Northside neighborhood of Chapel Hill. (See Orange County deed book 74, pages 416, 417, and 418.)

Butler Strowd was murdered in northern Durham September 13, 1925, when he was hit in the head with a brick by habitual criminals Archie Allen and Henry Pencil.

He is likely buried in the Mt. Zion Baptist Church cemetery in Chatham County, NC.

Strowd's World War I draft card

Strowd's 1925 death certificate



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