John B. Brockwell / Judge Brockwell


John B. Brockwell / Judge Brockwell

Place of birth: 
Orange County, NC
Date of birth: 
Place of death: 
Chapel Hill, NC
Date of death: 

Circa 1915


John B. "Judge" (a.k.a. "Jedge") Brockwell was born August 25, 1831, to Anderson and Mary Polly (Pickett) Brockwell.

He married Nancy Parrish August 15, 1857. They had two children: Robert Lee and Anna. He remarried November 5, 1860, to Harriet Hunt. (Harriet died in Durham in August 1915.)

Brockwell was a Civil War veteran, having served in one of the North Carolina (Confederate) infantry regiments.

"Judge" lived in a small cabin to the east of the UNC campus that later became part of the Gimghoul Development in the 1920s; the cabin burned in 1923.

Circa 1911


He was living with his son's family in Chapel Hill when he died from pneumonia March 25, 1924. It can be presumed he is buried in an unmarked grave in the (old) Chapel Hill Cemetery.



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